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Let go of Pain, trauma, anxiety and limiting beliefs.

Heal yourself, naturally and quickly using your powerful mind.  

Wherever you are, with Online Hypnosis.

Unleash your inner magic!

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Hi, I'm Stephen Bissett, your hypnotherapist and coach!

Low self esteem or disillusioned?

For most of my career in finance, I had Impostor syndrome and a low self worth when it came to my work. 

On top of that, I had the usual stresses of continuous deadlines and late nights - overall, this made me a stress head and cranky for a lot of the time.  I had my work life balance completely the wrong way round.  I was unhappy.

Then, a company I worked for put everyone through a coaching program.  On reflection, I approached this thinking it was just another corporate tick box exercise that I'd seen before.

BUT - not only did it highlight my self limiting beliefs and other issues around work, it also helped me fix them! 


The power of this coaching programme was always there at the back of my mind.  I actually enjoyed the process and I felt like a new person at the end of it.  I remember thinking how great it would be to have a career aimed at helping people like I got help. 



A few years later I realised that helping other people was more akin to my personality than the often brutal environment of corporate life.  After looking into things, I discovered hypnosis and it's powerful impact on change.

So now, I help people online from my office in Thirsk, North Yorkshire in the UK.  It doesn't matter where you live - I have been able to help people across the United Kingdom, Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia, Iceland, Iraq and Spain.

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Grab your complimentary relaxation track worth £7!

Perhaps you want to:
Free yourself of Chronic pain
Deal with anger issues
Say goodbye to fears or phobias
Overcome impostor syndrome
Become confident and assertive
Get rid of your anxiety
Stop past trauma interfering with your life
Lighthouse to depict the way of darkness and into the right direction
Take control of your career

Your customised hypnotherapy experience begins with you. Click on the button below to schedule your FREE, no obligation call over Zoom to discuss your goals and set a plan of action for your success.  Like what you hear? Then you can book your first session on the call.  Not for you?  Then there is no pressure whatsoever!

You.  But a Better You!

The easiest thing in the world would be for you to nothing.  To carry on.  Soldiering on.


Imagine tackling your issues head on - leaving them behind so you get on with your life!

Imagine the wider benefits you see on your life. 


You may not even realise the impact your issue has on the people you love.  You may have anxiety, fears, past trauma, or are unhappy at work.  Others around you worry and often feel the negative effects of those feelings.

Dealing with your issues will help you and others around you!

What people have said:



Stephen is absolutely brilliant. A very very nice man, plus he really cares about helping people. His oldpain2go session has transformed my life after being in serious pain for 6 years. I couldn't recommend Stephen enough after the huge impact he's made on my quality of life.

I feel that hypnotherapy has completely turned my life around. I found Stephen to be a good listener, who was always willing to go the extra mile to help. He was compassionate and open minded and very effective at getting to the root of the problem.

It's easy to get started!


Just click on one of the buttons to schedule a call


We discuss your needs and how I  can help


If you want to go ahead, Get booked in!

Just click on the button and select a suitable slot from the calendar!

What to expect

No two clients are ever the same - I work with YOU

In most cases, current problems originate in the past. 


Something in the past may have triggered your current thoughts or behaviours.  I often find that a client will believe a problem is caused by a particular event or circumstance but it's often something different, something that happened at an even earlier time.

Once the true cause is found we can deal with it using any number of techniques.  You will find that this will release you of your negative or unwanted behaviours affecting you in the present.

Often though, I go context free if the situation demands it.  I have plenty of tools to use and apply whatever is presented in front of me.

I will understand your issue and make sure I know what your desired outcome is.  My aim is to get the results you want in as short time as possible, under 6 weeks.

Let go of trauma, anxiety and limiting beliefs.

Some of the other core services I provide:

Career Coaching
Fear and Phobias
Phobias, fears
Weight Loss
Weight Loss
Stop smoking
Stop Smoking
What is hypnosis?

Ask different hypnotists this question and you may get different answers.  I see debates on this all the time! 


My short answer starts with explaining what a trance is.  A trance is when you essentially zone out - a bit like when you drive a car and you wonder how you just drove the last 10 minutes (incidentally your subconscious mind steps in drives for you). Or even when you are absorbed in a book and seem to not be aware of noises going on around you.  This is a trance and can be associated with using your imagination, so you are not consciously present in the here and now.

So I describe hypnosis as the manual process of formally going into a trance, by whatever process that may be.  In reality all hypnosis is Self hypnosis, even if you are seeing a hypnotist - after all, hypnosis is not mind control or magic.  This is why you may hear me tell you that you are the one doing the change and not me!

Often the terms Hypnosis and Trance are used interchangeably but it is recognised that hypnosis is an amplifier to any changework.

FAQs about hypnosis
How does Hypnosis work?

Your brain gets programmed with our suggestions, good or bad.  These suggestions mainly get programmed by repetition.  They can be very powerful and mould your character, personality and beliefs.  During hypnotherapy you are guided to a trance.  Once in a deep trance, your sub conscious mind is opened up so that new programmes can be instilled.  This is why hypnosis is traditionally a very quick form of change work.

Does Hypnosis work with...?

I get asked this a lot - Can you help me with (fill in the blank)?  The answer is more often going to be a yes.  The fact is, many, many problems are internalised - they exist inside your own head.  This is where hypnosis can help as I can help unlock the cause and resolve the emotions which cause the problem.

A chat with me will help me determine if it is something I can help with as I can get an idea of how your problem originated and allow me to gather more details.

Can Hypnosis be dangerous?

Hypnosis is not dangerous.   In fact a person goes in and out of a state of hypnosis naturally many times a day (such as reading a book, watching television or even when driving).  Hypnosis is not brainwashing or mind control and, while I'm at it, cannot make you do anything you don't want to do under hypnosis.  It is also not against the Bible.  If it was, then so is television as that's the largest trance inducer in the world! 

Is hypnosis & meditation the same?

In short, No!  Meditation is generally the act of sitting down, closing your eyes, controlling your breath, and clearing your thoughts or your mind.  This may induce a very light trance but this isn't the intention of meditation.  I guess you could see trance as a bi-product of meditation and is developed naturally in the same way driving long distances does.  Hypnosis, however, produces a deeper trance, putting the power of that trance state to work in a much more powerful way and by directing the power of your unconscious mind for incredible and rapid changes.

Why isn't hypnosis mainstream?

I get asked this question a lot on assessment calls.  The answer is due to many reasons.  My theory is that Film and TV portray hypnotists as strange people lurking in the shadows with black capes, talking in silly voices.  How can it be taken seriously when this is being sold to people (the reality is very different, I don't even own a cape!)?

Next, big pharma controls most of the health industry, especially in America.  There is too much money in handing out pills.  Also, if you go the doctor with a problem, you would probably go for the pills if you though you were better in a few hours.  (Remember though, this is dealing with the symptom and not the root cause).

This question made me look at other people's opinions on the internet.  I found loads of examples of people who probably have no experience or knowledge of hypnosis were repeating myths "it's mind control".  This will probably never go away unfortunately.

There is hope though - in America, The Mayo clinics use hypnosis in their hospitals, and there are mainly professionals in the health industry now being trained in hypnosis.

Can I be hypnotised

Yes you can.  You need to listen and follow instructions and you'll be fine.  Sometimes clients don't think they're under hypnosis but I'll point out a few things to show that they were.  In any case, I have tools to use on the therapy side that will work at any state of trance, so don't get too hung up on this point!

Can I be hypnotised?

Yes you can.  You need to listen and follow instructions and you'll be fine.  Sometimes clients don't think they're under hypnosis but I'll point out a few things to show that they were.  In any case, I have tools to use on the therapy side that will work at any state of trance, so don't get too hung up on this point!

Will I get stuck in trance?

No, you will be able to break trance easily and freely, just like you come round from a day dream.  If you were day dreaming and you heard your child screaming, you would almost immediately react.  The same is true of hypnosis.

What does hypnosis feel like?

It feels like whatever it feels like to you!  I say this because everybody feels it differently.  Common feelings are a feeling of a total bliss state, with arms or legs feeling really light.  Other people may feel their limbs are heavy.  Others may feel twitchy, others all tingly.  Or may be a mixture of everything.  Maybe nothing at all!

Does hypnosis work via the internet?

Absolutely!  It is now the only way I work.  The clients I've had find it more convenient as they don't need to leave the house and have to factor in travel cost or time.  I also achieve the same results that I used to get when seeing clients face to face.

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